Soundlab 200

Cloudlab 200 t – Synthesizer for Reaktor 6

Freeware – “Cloudlab 200 t” based on a modular system Buchla 200 and 200e

Trevor Gavilan recently released a free ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor 6 called “Cloudlab 200 t”.

It’s not an official emulation of the Buchla 200 but the sound quality is absolutely stunning. Cloudlab 200 t is relatively high on the CPU and takes some time to get your own programming going but hey – it’s free!



Original concept based on Donald Buchla’s 200 and 200e system.
Ensemble programming – Trevor Gavilan.
GUI – Trevor Gavilan. 256t Grid based on Peter Dine’s Freshmaker Ensemble
Technical advisor – Jesse Voccia.
Hardware notes – Jesse Voccia, Antonio Isaac and Leonardo Mendez
Snapshots by Jesse Voccia, Trevor Gavilan, Maurice Gallagher and Scott Abstract Cats

Further information:

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