Soundtoys Little Plate

Soundtoys Little Plate – FREE UNTIL Nov. 22

EMT emulation: “Soundtoys Little Plate” (VST/AU/AAX)

“To create our first dedicated reverb plug-in, we collected plate reverbs from around the world, including five immense original EMT 140s, which are still considered the finest example of the plate reverb sound. After months of repair, tuning, and careful listening, our engineers meticulously modeled the rich and spacious sound of their favorite plate from this collection. Then some distinct and modern twists were added, including a modulation switch and infinite reverb tails.”

“The original EMT 140, with its mechanical and possibly asbestos-clad damping plate, could vary its reverberation decay time from 1 to 5 seconds. Little Plate offers a broader range of decay times: as short as half a second for super tight ambience effects, to truly cavernous extended decay times up to infinity for unique and creative frozen reverb sounds. When Mod is switched on, chaotic variations are used to add life and movement to the reverberation effect. The Low Cut and Mix knobs help to dial in the perfect reverb sound quickly and easily.” – Soundtoys

Download (iLok required)


  • Optional Modulation for natural-sounding variation in the reverb tail
  • Low Cut filter
  • 25 distinct presets
  • infinite decay time


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