Synths-1: a free synthesizer collection for Kontakt

Free Oberheim, DSI, Yamaha DX7, Roland Super JV & Moog patches for your Kontakt called “SYNTHS-1”

Dani Karanyi is an award winning producer, musician, film and media composer. He started to sample his hardware stuff and decided to share the SYNTH-1 collection with us.
It contains six classic analog and digital instrument patches  including DSI – OB6, Roland Super JV, MOOG Minitaur, Oberheim Matrix 6 / 1000 & a Yamaha DX7. Completely free!

Check out the sounds:


+ SYNTHS-1 was sampled in 24bit / 48kHz with UA Apollo Pre + Neve 88RS + Pultec EQ

+ variable instrument ranges / 1-3 velocity layers

+ Kontakt 5 format

+ 650 MB

Instrument list of SYNTHS-1:

1. Monday Synth (OB-6 Arp Patch)

2. Tuesday Synth (Roland Super JV D-50 Stack Patch)

3. Wednesday Synth (Oberheim Matrix 6 Analog Bass Guitar Patch)

4. Thursday Synth (Oberheim Matrix 1000 Filmscore Pad Patch)

5. Friday Synth (Yamaha DX7 Custom Soft Tines Patch)

6. Saturday Synth (Moog Minitaur Taurus Sequence Bass Patch)

+ Sunday Set (Custom drum set)


Further information:

Karanyi Music