Synister – Free Plug-In for Mac & PC

Freeware Synthesizer “Synister”

A team of nine students at TU Berlin developed the synthesizer “Synister” which is an interesting open-source project. The synthesizer offers all traditional sections but is capabable to produce a very unique pallet of sonic textures.

Especially the combination of the filter section and the clipping stage allows very aggressive sounds. Together with the well layed out modulation system (a simple click on the drop-down-menus right to most parameters) Synister is a highly flexible instrument. Well, loading and saving presets is still a bit clunky since there is not browser available.





  • global tuning
  • three oscillators, envelopes and LFOs
  • two filters (each can be changed to ladder, bandpass, highpass or lowpass)
  • fx section with delay, chorus/flanger, bit reduction and clipping
  • step sequencer
  • modulation system
  • VST/AU format (32 & 64 Bit)


More information:

TU Berlin